Amigos Ebenezer

Ebenezer Friends



The Scriptures give us the model of men taken to the desert by God in order to train them for his service. For over forty years, here at Ebenezer Bible College in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico, we have been training servants of Jesus Christ in the middle of the Sonoran desert. The desert has been the training camp of many men and women, molding them in Christian character and in the knowledge of Christ and His word so that they might teach others, and in the process, glorify God in the ministry of the local church in Mexico and the Hispanic world. The focus of the training is fourfold:

Communion- A servant must be

strengthened in his relationship with God.


The first need is to be "...changed into the same image from glory to glory, even as by the Spirit of the Lord" (2 Corinthians:3:18). Students are encouraged and challenged in their personal devotions, group devotions, chapel and prayer times, in order to establish a personal knowledge and fellowship with God through Jesus Christ. The goal is that each student may learn to depend on the grace of God in studying, preparing projects, working and serving.


Character- A servant must be formed

in godly character.

The servant of the Lord must, " all diligence, add to [his] faith virtue;" (2 Peter:1:5), which means moral excellence or godly character. The majority of students at Ebenezer must work to cover their tuition, room and board. Many receive a work scholarship (see the program "Investment in the Harvest") which builds responsibility into their training. Attention is consistently given to keeping a godly schedule, maintaining discipline, interacting with students from diverse backgrounds and upbringings, and above all, developing a solid character like the Lord Jesus Chist.


Knowledge- A servant must be instructed in

knowledge and understanding.

In addition to solid character, a servant must add spiritual knowledge (2 Peter:1:5). Ebenezer Bible College offers a four-year Bible college curriculum that provides the students with the foundation and the tools for their service. Classes are given with a focus on developing students intellectually and spiritually.


Consecration- A servant learns to give his

life in practical service to the Lord.

Every student at the Bible college is assigned to an independent, fundamental, Bible-believing church where he or she will carry out his or her Christian service. The student will attend all services, actively participate in each of the ministries of the church and thus gain practice and experience in the work of the local church under the supervision of the pastor.



How We All Can Have a Part

We have summarized our idea of training that is being developed at Ebenezer Bible College in the previous paragraphs. We would also like to let you know about an opportunity to have a part, but without pressure! The ministry of the "Amigos de Ebenezer" consists of believers in Jesus Christ who appreciate the potential of training young men and women in their own country for the work of the gospel  and would like to cooperate in an affordable way. This cooperation involves a voluntary donation of $100.00 per school year that runs from June through May. This donation is much more than monetary support (which in and of itself is a great help) ... it is an expression of encouragement and friendship to the students who are preparing, and staff who serving at the school ----- it is being an "Amigo."